Check out the comments made from LIVE audience members and YouTuber’s regarding Susan’s ASL performances:

Beautiful! –Emilie de Azevedo Brown

It’s beautiful, Susan! A very emotional rendition of “His Hands”.  Bless you, and may you continue to help others find their Savior through your exceptional gifts. -Kenneth Cope

Susan, this is just gorgeous.  Your performance is so heart-felt and graceful. Thank you so much for your lovely interpretation. –Sally DeFord

Very touching! Beautifully signed! Make more music videos please! -Kiss Fist Videos

The depth of emotion you share, painful and passionate. Beautifully done! Thank you! – Sarah Hancock

You don’t have to know sign language. This is so beautiful. Such talent!!! – Helen Young

BEAUTIFUL – my 11yr old daughter w/Downs sat and watched and was copying the along w/you — this is JUST what I been looking 4 her. –Mary Simkins

Absolutely love it!!! –Shelley Herbold

What beautiful expression in hands, face, and body!  Incredible talent!  Amazing emotion. –Vicki L.

It was very beautiful rhythm and smoothly ASL sign,… also  I am deaf from used b.s.l. and lttle asl too.. well done thumb up  -Neal M.

Thank you for sharing your gift to bring a more powerful meaning to the song. –Andrea G.

Beautiful song translated in ASL (American Sign Language) by a wonderful woman whom I’m proud to call her my friend!! -Diana Gamache

Beautifully done, Susan — it makes the song ever more meaningful. –Sue W.

So beautiful! So much expression! What a blessing! – Margaret C.

Powerfully, prayerfully-done. Thanks. – Rubin R.

Wow….wow…….just simply floored … Just wow…. –Michael D.

I can SEE the words through sign! Amazing! –Jaime N.

Amazing! Cried my eyes out during this video. –Amelia J.

Beautiful!!! My kids were captivated and even turned off the TV to watch you! –Emily G.

Thank you for making this video. I was privileged enough to see you perform in person. Yet, I have never been able to adequately express or explain to my friends and family through my meager words the true beauty and emotions of your performance and why it touched my heart and soul so deeply. Now I can share your beautiful gift with them and they too can feel what I felt. Thank you so much! – Lisa E.

Awesome ASL! – William H.

So powerful. Thank you, Susan for sharing your talent! It really touched my heart! – Lisa L.

That is pure awesome!!!! Susan is remarkable! – Melissa J.

Susan, It is not the songs….it is what you do with it! –Debbie P.

(in tears) so beautiful!!!! – Marsha M.


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