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Storyboard Excitement!

My father-in-law was here last weekend.  I played him a song I was planning on filming, and asked him to tell me what he saw.  I know what I saw but some places I was left blank.  He shared a couple of things after but added, “I don’t know how you come up with the concepts for your videos!”

For me, the creative process comes when I hear a song.  I always say, “If I can see it, I can do it!” … Mark always says, “If I can see it, I can shoot it!”  Yup, that’s how it goes.

With the song I asked my father-in-law to visualize, I realized that the block (emotionally, mentally, physically, etc) I was having was for a reason.  I went through the scope of Christmas songs again, searching for the one.  …. And it came!  That feeling is just so different!  When I first heard this new song (will share which one soon), I still had to search for the right storyboard idea.  But it came! It came!  It came!  It’s one of those MOMENTS of AH-HA! And it feels just so awesomely great!!!!

… Now for the approval of Mark and then coordinate the timing and all that!  YAAAAY!!!  *Wish me luck!*

THANK YOU Veterans!


Yes, I love everything that reflects upon the red, white and blue!  Veterans Day is one of those days!  Funny thing, I always wanted to marry someone who was military.  I thought what an honor it would be to have someone who was serving our country day in and day out in my home!  Obviously that didn’t happen.  Instead, I married someone who very  much loves our country but will never have the opportunity to serve in the way our military do.  Although military wasn’t in the plans of our marriage, I count my blessings that we have a great many family and friends who have served (or are still serving) our country.  What a blessing it is to hear their stories and pay gratitude to them for their service!

To those I don’t know, who have served us in any capacity, THANK YOU!

Below are a few links that I have found pretty cool in honor of our Veterans.

The first is close to home.  It shares a little about my father-in-law, Daryle and his service in the military.  This article is written by my sweet sister-in-law, Beth.





This second story is  just awesome, sharing with us a bit about the women who worked tirelessly during World War I and World War II, while the men were serving away from home.   







This last is a YouTube video produced by students at Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.  It has voice-over.  It’s a real special tribute, a must watch!




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