My sister nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge.  Knowing that my 24-hour window was ticking and my to-do list for the following day was more than I could handle as it was, we hurried outside and got icey wet, proclaimed our donation, challenged others, and came inside.  Unfortunately, the sun was too far set and the video was a big black nothing.  So, as I was shivering from my first ALS Ice Challenge fail, I had to come up with a plan B, that would show that I did, in fact, participate.  Ha.  This is where this video came to be.  I told my little darlings as they were headed to bed, that I had a plan B but it was too late for them to help, and they needed to get to bed.  So as I began my ‘Take 2’, they surprised me with an alternate to my plan, making sure the ICE part of the challenge got included, once again.  My sweet little rascals.  Haha.  All in the name of a good cause, right?!  😀   If you haven’t participated or been nominated, I nominate you!  Take on the challenge, donate, spread the word, and have fun!