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Oh, the shelves of supplements, shakes, powders, labels! Oh, the choices, the many, many choices!  … For me, it can feel like a jigsaw puzzle: WHAT, HUH, WHERE, HOW, and “Oh, forget it!”

Is your head spinning?  Oh yeah, mine too!

Being educated about what you are eating is vital!  And I read labels religiously!  I am still working on eating right myself!  Many years in the making and still learning!  But I have found that I love to eat healthy.  It gives me energy, my nails grow, my hair is shiny, I don’t have that sick feeling after I eat.  One thing that I add to my everyday regimen is a HEALTHY shake that A- tastes good, B- gives me all the vitamins and energy I need and C- doesn’t include the gunk and caffeine that I don’t want in the first place! (Did you know? Most “healthy” powder supplements include caffeine of some sort.  For me, this is always a turn-off.)  So, my honey and I went on a quest to find a supplement powder that is not a supplement of fillers, filled with GMOs, caffeine, soy, gluten, but instead full of natural, raw, organic plant goodness that is affordable.

The only powders we have found that meet our requirements and we can drink without gagging (and that’s important, especially with little people in our home), is Garden of Life Raw Protein and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw.

I try and eat my 3 cups/day of fruit and vegetables in the raw and natural form, which is the best form.  However, I’m just not that good sometimes or I just don’t have the time or I just want something yummy (without the *blah* of sugar/calories/after-sick, but with the satisfaction that it was good for me).  I know my weakness… my lack of time or lack of access or *whatever* will most likely keep me from consuming the good stuff (nutrients that my body needs).  (…Sometimes I have to eat and run – eating a salad while driving is not ideal, nor is it safe ha.) Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw and Garden of Life Raw Protein make it possible to enjoy the nutrients, and be fed all the good stuff!  That’s why it is a staple in our home!

If Ryan makes it, his recipe looks like this:

1 cup of Almond Milk (Chocolate or Almond/Coconut)

1 Scoop of Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw (Chocolate Cacao)

1 Scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein (Chocolate Cacao)

Bunch of baby kale

Bunch of spinach


And whatever other added fruit or vegetable he sees on hand. Ha.

*Blend it up real good.  Drink and wipe your mouth because you might have an organic mustache! Ha.

IMG_7158If I make it, my recipe looks like this:

1/2 cup Aloe Vera Juice – Inner Filet (I use Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice)

1/2 cup water

1 Scoop of Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw (Regular)

1 Scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein (Vanilla)

2 cap-fulls of Bragg Organic Vinegar Apple Cider

Bunch of baby kale

Bunch of spinach

Fresh or Frozen berries (or whatever frozen fruit I have- mango/peach/strawberry blend is another favorite of mine.)

*Blend it up real good and drink up pure goodness.

If my kids make it, their recipe looks like this:

1/2 cup Almond Milk (Almond/Coconut)

1/2 cup water (Or 1 cup of almond milk, no water)

1/2 Scoop of Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw (Regular)

Small bunch of Spinach

Bunch of strawberries (frozen or fresh)

Banana (1-2)

*Blend it up real good and prepare for “Mmmm”.

My kids will also go the chocolate route. Or they’ll add frozen blueberries or other fruit. That’s what is awesome about this glass full of goodness – SHAKE IT UP and create them as the tastebuds desire!


Garden of Life Raw Protein and Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw are a staple in our home.  If my kids like it for the taste, and I like it for the nutrition, and my hubby likes it for both, then that’s that!  😀

Sometimes, learning to eat nutritious can feel like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle!  “How, where, what will work and what won’t?”  Don’t give up on this jigsaw puzzle!  It’s worth the learning curve.  -Susan

Depression – Post #1

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, therapist, or anything of the sort.  For all medical, fitness or therapeutic information/advice/plan, seek professional help.

Depression, according to the World Health Organization, affects more than 350 million people globally, of all ages.  That is a lot of people!  I was not apart of this statistic until a couple of years ago.  My family moved to a climate that was much different than any other area we lived in previously.   My workload increased.  I didn’t have (so I thought) as much time to focus on my health and well-being.  Through all of this, I slowly (then it spiraled out of control) experienced this serious disease called depression.  IMG_4443

The picture above is me at Disneyland.  Isn’t life supposed to be the happiest place, all the time?  Sometimes we go through what feels like a roller-coaster. The free-fall in a thunderstorm is what Depression feels like for me – well, that and the loopdey-loops and the river ride and then the wet ones, and then the tiki-room, and then the haunted mansion and the … yeah!  But life has gotten better, as I’ve learned and I’ve grown.

Through my writings, I want to share with you what I went through, how I felt (and still feel, at times) when depression sneaks its nasty cloud into my being, how I am learning to “control” depression and what helps me feel balanced and stronger through these tactics.  Like the disclaimer says above, I am not a doctor or therapist or personal fitness trainer.   I am sharing with you what works for me, what my therapist and general doctor and even my chiropractor have “prescribed” for me.  This may not be your “prescription”.  However, I know that from these experiences, I find I am happier and keep depression at bay.  I still experience depression. But I know what works for me.  When I get off my plan, I am reminded I am not cured.   And then, I have to start again, sometimes from the beginning, with baby steps to get back on my plan.  One of the greatest things I have done through it all is get professional help.

Welcome to my journey.
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