I wholesale jerseys China find cheap nfl jerseys that cheap jerseys no Nfl matter Arquitectura the The state of mind I am in, whether I’m on top of the world or down in the dumps, the one sure way to be happy, or even  happier, is by counting my blessings!

This last week I took a picture with my youngins on my lap.  The first one was of our smiling faces.  Yet the one I posted on Facebook was a picture of our footsies.  A friend commented to my post saying something like, “You have three feet! Whoo!”  My reply was, “Well, yeah, I’ve got lots of blessings to count!”  🙂  When you count those blessings in your life, which for me included two of my little ones sitting with me, enjoying the warmth of the sun on a cold day, sometimes, we have to use more than our fingers and go for the toes, in order to keep on counting!

The days are happier, warmer, and oh so much more rich when you look at what you’ve been blessed with!  So, however you do it, keep on counting!

Counting Blessings