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Emergency Elle: “Emergency Fitness #2”

Preparing yourself physically for an emergency has never been so awesome!  You’re probably asking yourselves, what is the perfect workout equipment?  Emergency Elle declares, “#10 cans!”  Yes, these beautiful cans are adjustable to meet your fitness level and perfect for working on “Endurance and Stamina”!  Whoo!  So grab some chopped onions, powdered milk, beans, wheat or whatever else you have and let’s get to work!

Emergency Elle: “Emergency Fitness #2”


Equipment Used In This Video:

Plastic shelves

Five #10 cansicon


One water bottle

Walking shoes

Alternative Equipment:

Any sturdy shelves

Five items (food products or other)


Emergency Fitness #1!

We all know that emergencies can be absolutely exhausting and physically demanding, to say the least!  It all starts with the adrenaline that rushes through you – and that alone can take a toll on your body. But it usually doesn’t end with just an adrenaline frenzy!  There is usually many hours of walking, building, shoveling, carrying, lifting and so much more that is required of us during an emergency.  Time to rest usually doesn’t’ come until long after the emergency has subsided.  So … PHYSICALLY preparing for an emergency should be on the top of our “MUST DO” and “START NOW” list!

Join Emergency Elle in getting yourself physically prepared for whatever emergency may come your way!  This fitness regimen is unlike any other fitness program you’ve seen or done before!  This is “Emergency Fitness”!  Not only are we working on building strength, but we’re also focusing on endurance and stamina! (Because emergencies require a lot of that from us.)

Invite your entire family and friends to join you and Emergency Elle, in getting physically ready for “that” emergency that WILL come our way!

Emergency Fitness #1

Equipment Required: Backpack, water bottles and walking shoes.


Have fun!



Emergency Elle uses a Large Backpack from Emergency Essentials.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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