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Build Your Kit – 2

“A 72-hour kit that is built little by little is better than one never built, if you  know what I mean!”  -Emergency Elle

Week 2


Items to add:

1 bottle of water
1 food item
1 whistle with neck cord
1 days worth of your personal prescription medication (if applicable)
$1.00 cash

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Emergency Elle: “Dehydrating Heaven”

Mmmm! Can you taste it?  A scrumptious little taste of heaven, right out of your dehydratoricon!  After you see what Emergency Elle has in store for you, you will be salivating, err… I mean grabbing your own dehydrator to begin your stairway to dehydrating heaven!

Emergency Elle: “Dehydrating Heaven

EE DehydrateYTPix



Emergency Elle uses an Oster 5712 Steamer and a Nesco Food Dehydrator.


FOOD STEAMER: You can find this and other great steamers on Amazon.

FOOD DEHYDRATOR and ACCESSORIES: You can find this and other great dehydrators and accessories on both Amazon and Emergency Essentials.


Making and Using Dried Foods” (book) and other cookbooks and guides to drying and dehydrating foods.





Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Build Your Kit – 1

You’re like, “Aaack! I want to have my 72-hour kit BUT I can’t do it all at once!”  I know!  Emergency Elle here and I am going to guide you, step by step, week by week, so you can build your super powers – well, ya know, that beautiful 72-hour kit*!  So, let’s get going ….



Items to add:

(Backpackiconicon or other container)
1 – Water Bottle
1 – Food Item
1 – Emergency Blanketicon (reflective)
$1.00 (cash in baggie)

*Each person in your household should have a 72-hour kit. Some items on the list – you may need one for each member of your household (food, clothing, blankets, etc).  Other items on your kit list – you may decide you only need one for your entire household (shovel, ax, radio, etc).  It is important you determine your needs (size of household, your climate, etc) and add to your kit accordingly.


Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Emergency Elle in “Gas Half Full”

One word: SUSPENSEFUL!  Don’t worry, this movie has a happy ending!  However, life is not like every fairy tale with suspenseful beginnings and happy endings.  Oh sure, and most definitely, look at life like a ‘glass half full’ but as Emergency Elle says, remember the same for your car!  This is a must watch, must share, and must remember! …

Emergency Elle in “Gas Half Full”



Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Emergency Fitness #1!

We all know that emergencies can be absolutely exhausting and physically demanding, to say the least!  It all starts with the adrenaline that rushes through you – and that alone can take a toll on your body. But it usually doesn’t end with just an adrenaline frenzy!  There is usually many hours of walking, building, shoveling, carrying, lifting and so much more that is required of us during an emergency.  Time to rest usually doesn’t’ come until long after the emergency has subsided.  So … PHYSICALLY preparing for an emergency should be on the top of our “MUST DO” and “START NOW” list!

Join Emergency Elle in getting yourself physically prepared for whatever emergency may come your way!  This fitness regimen is unlike any other fitness program you’ve seen or done before!  This is “Emergency Fitness”!  Not only are we working on building strength, but we’re also focusing on endurance and stamina! (Because emergencies require a lot of that from us.)

Invite your entire family and friends to join you and Emergency Elle, in getting physically ready for “that” emergency that WILL come our way!

Emergency Fitness #1

Equipment Required: Backpack, water bottles and walking shoes.


Have fun!



Emergency Elle uses a Large Backpack from Emergency Essentials.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Emergency Elle: “SUPER POWERS!”

Oh my!  Mother Nature has gone a bit crazy with natural disasters lately!  Will we ever survive these WITHOUT super powers?  Oh, Emergency Elle knows the secret to obtaining SUPER POWERS!!!  This is a video you DON’T want to miss!  ….

Emergency Elle: “SUPER POWERS!”


For the secret SUPER POWER checklist, CLICK HERE!

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Introducing … Emergency Elle!

She’s quirky! She’s spunky!  And she is SUPER SAFETY SMART!  You’re gonna love Emergency Elle! Here is her very first video!

“Introducing … Emergency Elle”

Pix Intro EE

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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