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Emergency Elle: “SUPER POWERS!”

Oh my!  Mother Nature has gone a bit crazy with natural disasters lately!  Will we ever survive these WITHOUT super powers?  Oh, Emergency Elle knows the secret to obtaining SUPER POWERS!!!  This is a video you DON’T want to miss!  ….

Emergency Elle: “SUPER POWERS!”


For the secret SUPER POWER checklist, CLICK HERE!

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Motherhood – It’s Glorious!

This week we celebrate Mother’s Day.  If you are a mother or if you’ve seen one or if you have one, you probably can agree that being a mother is a difficult task.  Understanding the physical, spiritual and emotional complexity of being a “mother”, may differ depending on the role you play to that title.  Regardless of where we stand to understanding and feeling the great responsibility of mother, we all can probably attest that that calling is like no other.

Sometimes, I think, “life can’t be better than this”… and then it gets better.  Sometimes I think, “nothing is harder than this” … and then it gets harder.  But throughout all these times, the really good and the really-not-so-good, I am reminded that life is meant to be glorious! And as Mother’s Day approaches, I am once again reminded that motherhood, my mother, my web of beautiful mothers who I look to as shining examples, and my own opportunity to be a mother truly is GLORIOUS!

“Glorious” in ASL 



Apple Watch Reveal (ASL)

Have you seen Apple’s newest family member yet … Yes, the very cool, crisp and shiny Apple Watch! …


Who better to share the news, the ins and outs, and how the new Apple Watch compares to the very first Smartwatch “Pebble”, than this die-hard Apple techie guru guy, Ryan Layton.  In this video, Ryan will reveal the big anticipated Apple Watch!

YT Photo 1 Apple Watch


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The Official Trailer for ‘Apple Watch Reveal (ASL)’
AW YT Trailer Pix
‘Apple Watch Reveal (ASL)’ full video
YT Photo 1 Apple Watch


I *heart* ASL Stories! (Apps)

App of the Week: VL2 Storybooks

(4 ASL Storybook Apps that are pretty awesome!)

I love a good story and when it’s done right in ASL, it’s absolutely beautiful! I thought I’d share one of my favorite apps (actually there are 4 apps but all are from the same place).

IMG_7306The Baobab – Gallaudet University,

The Boy Who Cried Wolf VL2 Storybook – Gallaudet University,

The Blue Lobster – Gallaudet University,

The Solar System VL2 Storybook – Gallaudet University

These storybook apps were created by VL2 (Visual Language and Visual Learning), a Science and Learning Center based at Gallaudet University, ‘the world’s only university with programs and services specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students’.* IMG_7312

These apps are interactive, using content based ASL signs (which is very important! One sign doesn’t fit every meaning for the same English word); include a comprehensive glossary of words used within the story; and are rich with color! Not only that, these apps are designed based on proven research in bilingualism and visual learning.  I love them!  (My kids love them too!)

The Baobab – Gallaudet University,

The Boy Who Cried Wolf VL2 Storybook – Gallaudet University,

The Blue Lobster – Gallaudet University,IMG_7300

The Solar System VL2 Storybook – Gallaudet University

Each of these 4 apps include the option to watch the story (narrator on the story background), have the story text at the bottom with narrator on screen, and include ASL vocabulary used in the story (and beautiful expansions of those words).

Now, for those in more advanced stages of learning sign or even working to become an interpreter, I think these videos could be of great value to you, as well.  IMG_7320You will find their use of classifiers, facial expressions, use of space and many other ASL components are amazing to watch and would be useful in mirroring and expounding on in your own practice.  Not only that, the ‘Watch’ section of the apps give you a beautiful opportunity to practice voicing.

Anyways, check out these 4 beautiful storybook apps!  ….

In ASL, “I *heart* ASL Stories” would look like this: “ASL Stories Kiss-Fist!” … That means I REALLY love ASL stories!  … SMILES!



*Gallaudet description: Quoted from their website.

**P.S. My opinion/warning regarding ASL apps: It really is tough to find ASL apps that I would trust my family to.  Sure, there are some ASL apps out there (and I’ll share some other ones at a later time) that I believe use (or teach signs) with accuracy and effectively, four of which are these VL2 apps.   But there are several apps that are very poor, that I believe either do not sign with accuracy or teach ASL poorly.  That’s the unfortunate part of having anything at your fingertips.  No one has to be ‘qualified’ just money to fork the app costs.  And then those who buy the app suffer.  Even more so, the Deaf suffer by having to try and piece together the inaccurate ASL, which man not necessarily be at the fault of the user! You just have to know which apps are good and trustworthy and go with those! So, there you have it.  ….Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Ha.

Knit a Scarf (ASL)

This is my good friend, Bonnie.  She is a woman of many talents.  I asked Bonnie to join me in a video episode to teach me (and all of you) how to knit one of those beautiful curly scarves.  Happy knitting!

Supply List:

Bamboo Knitting Needles (5mm) – (Don’t use the metal needles)

Sashay Yarn – 1/2 skein for short scarf OR 1 full skein for long scarf

Sewing Needle and Thread



Another Close-up video

(Not in ASL, but it is captioned):

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