App of the week: Live Positive –

IMG_6885I went out to lunch with Hilary Weeks, the smile and brains behind Live Positive –, a few weeks back and had a great time!  We talked about performing, kids, husbands, her new adventures, my new adventures, Disneyland, and of course, “how many calories do you think that butter has?”  Yes! Super serious!  Ha.  She is as real and genuine as she appeared to me over Facebook!

After our lunch, I thought I’d see what her app, Live Positive –, is all about.  I am the kind that thinks, “I can do (whatever) without (whatever)”  … So, here I was thinking, “I can ‘be positive’ without an ‘app'” … but I did want to give it a try, just to say I tried!  I sat in my car and challenged myself to think of 20 things positive IMG_7144about myself.  I realized my positivity level was not all what I cracked it up to be!  I was hard on myself.  I would think “I’m good at cleaning my house, well, no, not really because my dishes are still not done from last night” *hold that click* … “I am, well, no not really” *no click, keep thinking* … “I have a nice smile, well, oh my goodness! I got food in my teeth, oh, that’s great” *put down the phone! Was that there when I was visiting with Hilary?!* … I realized that the “yeah, but not really” ‘s about myself and life were really stacked up high against me!  I needed help being positive!  So sitting in my car, I decided I wasn’t going anywhere till I hit my 20.  I sat there for 45 minutes!  Wow, I quickly realized I NEEDED this app! And I have used it everyday since!  I first focus on myself: my positive traits, personality, my strengths, abilities, things I’ve accomplished, and then I think of positive things around me: my kids, my home, my family. IMG_0035 I find my days are full of life, happiness, more positivity, and are so much more meaningful, because I am training myself to be more positive.

One day, I was particularly hard on myself and feeling down.  I got out my Live Positive – app and said, “Dang it! I am good at, at …. *searching around my room* …. at hanging up my belt!!!” And I stomped over and grabbed my belt and hung it up!  *CLICK!* Then I thought of some other things that I “can do” and did it and clicked.  It took several of those and then I said, “See! I accomplish! and I am proud of myself!” *CLICK!*  Boy, was that a roughIMG_7143 day for me!  Really, looking back, those were silly things (although at the time they were real struggles and real accomplishments!).  This app kept me going.  I needed the click – I needed to find the positive!

Everyday, I click!  It is easier for me to see the bright side of things, of people, and especially of myself.  I LOVE the Live Positive –!

Think positive! Live positive!