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I heard an amazing quote this week:

“Aspire to inspire before you expire”.  

What a wonderful challenge for each of us!  As you think about these words, perhaps you will consider this:  What can you do to inspire others?  Do you inspire others through a talent you have?  Through service? Kind words? An increase of patience?  Does your story of inspiration come because of a challenge you’ve overcome in life, or the way you are still bearing it? Blessings  Do you inspire others because of what you stand for?   It may be from what you decide to do or what you wholesale NFL jerseys decide not to annual do.  Inspiring others may be for all to see. wholesale NFL jerseys  Maybe you will inspire just one.  And yet you might never know who you inspired. (…But whether or not it’s “for all to see”, I do dare say, you can ALWAYS be an inspiration within the walls of your wholesale NBA jerseys own home.)

Making this world a better place starts with me and with you.  Our actions inspire others’ wholesale jerseys actions.  Those of our zum sons and daughters.  Our neighbors.  Our co-workers and boss.  The little old lady down ET the street.  Her family.  Our grandchildren in generations to come. The list is endless.

In any case, whatever you decide to do to Website inspire will make a difference now and cheap NFL jerseys in the future!  Be an inspiration!  I do believe that when Groove we “Aspire to inspire before you expire”, the effects will live long after you leave this world.  Make it a better place.  Inspire now.


The quote “Aspire to inspire before you expire” is by Eugene Bell Jr.

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  1. You inspire me, Susan! Thank you for your beautiful example.

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