I was talking with my sister not long ago, about my eating, and I said, “Today I am doing good .. This last week has been hard because I was filming out of town, and  then I got back home and the weather was not my friend.  So I went from not cooking for myself to welcome home, here’s your cloak of depression.”  I know the food that I was eating the weekend before did not help my situation when I got home.  She suggested that I need to have a pre-film plan to keep me eating right and a pre-game plan for when unexpected depression hits.

Game Plan2

If I’m going out of town or know that stuff that is not on my ‘okay-to-eat’ list will be graciously put before me, to be frank with people.  She said this (and I quote– cuz I love this response so much): “The people (even your friends) who cook for you will understand if you vocalize even more about your food needs and why.  Tell them of your experiences afterwards. … I bet they will want to help by making sure you eat on plan throughout recordings.  People will understand when you are pleading for their help. They love you … plus … figuring out a plan to help yourself will just help them too.”  My point with this story is that when depression hits, it is the most difficult thing to reason with yourself and say, “I should eat healthy because it helps my brain be happy and will help my depression” .. You mostly feel like: “Eat? Whatever.  Fine.  What is out that I can put in my mouth. (Notice there is no question mark – it is a statement.)  If nothing, forget it!”  It is difficult to reason!  A Pre-Game Plan … okay!  I am well today and can do that!  Tell people who may be cooking for me out of town (aka my friends) and tell my family that when I’m down with depression, that I can only eat XYZ (healthy food only on the list) – I need my family to know that when I’m down its not “a free-day, mom’s not cooking, we can eat whatever” …. cuz then I eat whatever, the cycle continues.  It’s vicious!  PRE-GAME PLAN!