Emergency Elle knows the secret to SUPER POWERS! And this page will aid you in obtaining your very own super powers!  WHOO!  


On this page, you’ll find GREAT information on preparing your own 72-Hour Emergency Kits! 1- Kit Checklists; 2- Links to Emergency Essentials and Amazon (great places to find your kit items); 3- Other Valuable Resources.

1. Comprehensive 72-Hour Kit Lists:

Below are six comprehensive 72-Hour Emergency Kit lists.  All have underlying similarities but each have a few differences.  Check them out (and feel free to print any/all that you want). The key to all of this is: START PREPARING TODAY!  (Click on the name or picture to access the list.)


1- FEMA: Emergency Supply List

Fema Pix


2- LDS.about: Emergency Kit List

LDS Emergency Kit


3- Utah.gov: Kit Checklist

Utah Kit Checklist


4- Six Sisters Stuff: ‘Kit in 52 Weeks’ Checklist

Six Sister 72 Checklist


5- National Terror Alert: Kit Checklist

National Terror Kit


6- Red Cross: Kit Checklist

Red Cross Kit


2. Great places to begin building your 72-Hour Emergency Kits, or buy

Emergency Essentials:

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared




3. Other AMAZING resources:

12 Downloads you don’t want to miss out on:

Click on the link below (or click here: Beprepared.com (Homepage))
-Scroll over “Education” in the top bar
-Click on “Preparedness Checklist”
-Download and use any/all of these 12 AMAZING checklists!


Emergency Essentials/BePrepared