Download Emergency Elle’s 72-Hour Kit Checklist!

Emergency Elle discovered the secret to where Super Powers lie, in the face of natural disasters!  … (Are you saying, “Super Powers, what?!” Watch the video!) Prepare your 72-hour kit TODAY!  Don’t delay – because a natural disaster may be lurking about!  Click here, on the checklist below, or any orange words on this page, for a PDF copy of this comprehensive 72-hour kit checklist!  Get going … and have fun building your very own SUPER POWERS!

TIP #1:  Purchase kit itemsicon little by little, adding to your kit as you can afford.  (Search “Build Your Kit” in the search bar.  Every week, Emergency Elle posts suggested items to add to your kit list – so you can build your kit as you go!)

TIP #2:  Purchase a pre-made kit –icon Then add personal items that you will need (like medications, clothing, etc)

TIP #3: The best place, with the best prices, to purchase items on your checklist is Emergency Essentials!  Emergency Elle said so!  And if she said so, then it must be good!  Check them out!icon

Emergency Elle's 72-Hour Kit Checklist

Emergency Elle’s 72-Hour Kit Checklist


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