The ASL “EFY Medley: As Sister’s in Zion & We’ll Bring the World His Truth” didn’t come about by thumbing through sheet music.  It was another lesson on what the Lord wanted me to do.  The Lord had everything planned!


For a couple of weeks, I had the thought come to me that I needed to film a song – geared especially for youth.  So, I started to do my research.  Nothing was popping out at me like, “THIS IS THE ONE!”  Every day I would listen to songs on YouTube, CD’s, Pandora, wherever I could.  I went to the bookstores and thumbed through CD’s and sheet music. I went to music artists websites and fished through their pieces.  But as time went on, the pressure to film a piece, geared towards youth, became more and more prominent.  The best way for me to describe it was like a backpack on one shoulder being filled with 10 bricks at a time – nothing coming out, only being put in.

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The impression to find that piece came more stronger and stronger each day.  I remember I finally told my husband at the dinner table one night, I need to find this song!  He said, “GO!  If the Lord needs it now, you need to find it now!” So I left the dinner table and went to my bed and prayed.  I remember saying, “Heavenly Father, I know Thou needs me to do this song but I can not find it!  I have searched high and low and I just don’t know which one!”  The thought came to me, “Look in your bag next to your bed”.  I finished my prayer and looked in the bag.  There was a sheet of music that a friend from church gave to me the past Sunday.  She had asked if I could teach the youth how to sign it for an upcoming church meeting.  I remember saying sure and put it in my bag.  I looked at this and said “really??”  It didn’t seem to hit me.  But the thought came to me to find it on YouTube.  The moment the song began to play, the Spirit was so strong and I began to cry!  I knew this was it!

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I emailed Michael Hicks and told him I really felt I needed to film this song.  (I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me).  In less than 15 minutes later, I received an email back from him saying, “You were truly inspired!”  THAT EVENING, he was to wrap up a compilation video featuring all of the youth around the world performing this song!  He felt there was one more he was missing but didn’t know where to find it, so he was going to wrap it up without it.  I remember falling to my knees thanking my Heavenly Father for the guidance and inspiration… from getting this EFY Medley into my hands, to contacting Brother Hicks, to the funding, the food, getting permits and then to filming it!  I’m still amazed at how it all worked out so beautifully, so perfectly!

Filming took place on two consecutive Saturdays at 9 different locations.

The first Saturday was filming the youth while they did their service projects. That was really special seeing these youth give of their hearts, their time, their talents,  laughs and smiles.  Each of these young men and young women are really amazing, inside and out!  The recipients were so gracious and so grateful for the service that each provided!

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The second Saturday was filming at Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah.  It was a gorgeous day but by the early afternoon, it was so hot!  Our cameras were even overheating!  We had to place them on ice for a few minutes at a time and then alternate with the other camera, until we were finished shooting!  I was grateful for all those coolers and many pounds of ice!  😀 I think the youth were too!  🙂  Although it was SO hot that day, not one of these youth complained – not even one little bit!  They were positive, happy, encouraging, moved where I needed them to without hesitation, started, stopped, redid, laughed, hugged, cleaned up and so much more I don’t even have room to share.  In the ‘making of’ video I said these youth were “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!”  and that is nothing but the truth!

After we had completed our second day of shooting and everything was packed up and we pulled away, it began to rain… and then to pour!  Seeing how the Lord put everything into place each step of the way, and here again, holding the rain and even the clouds until we were completely done with shooting was a miracle!  I couldn’t help but pull over my car and say a prayer of gratitude for a magnificent day!

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I was exhausted but happy! I got home and began to edit.  I soon realized I failed to film one part of the Young Women.  I thought, “Oh no!  How can I ask them to come and film again!  They were so tired and did so much!”  But I couldn’t do without that part, so I called each of the Young Women and asked if they’d be willing to meet at the Temple in Sunday clothes?  They did not hesitate.  They said, “SURE! What time?”  I got what I needed and put it all together!

After I was finished with all of the editing, I sent it over to Brother Hicks for his approval.  He sent back a message “tears of joy!”

How?  How did this all happen?  I am not a videographer.  Those who are videographers could not be there to help me.  Again, on my knees, the Lord said, “YOU will do it!” Yes, I had that frightening face and panic feeling like, “ARE YOU CRAZY?  ME??”  And since that was his final answer, I began my intense research on techniques, angles, lighting, movement, and anything else I could.  The Lord really guided me.  I prayed it would work out.  I prayed it would be something He would be proud of as well as Brother Hicks, and those youth. I prayed the video would touch many hearts – especially the youth in the world.

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This is just another testament of the power of prayer.  I know God knows each of us.  He has a plan for each of us too.  And I learned that sometimes things are not comfortable but if the Lord needs us to do it, we just need to do it.  Ask for help, He will guide us and it will be perfect in His eyes.   I can still feel that feeling of walking in the dark but holding His hands.  Each step was illuminated.  Looking back, their was never a wrong road when I followed His promptings.  A little scary but always on the right road!

Click here to see the amazing youth around the world perform “EFY Medley Around the World” by Michael R. Hicks.  You will see our clip in there about 4:02 and 5:30.

Click here to watch the ‘ASL “EFY Medley: As Sisters in Zion & We’ll Bring the World His Truth”‘.

Click here to watch the “ASL EFY Filming Highlights”.

I want to thank everyone for all of your support throughout this entire process! Amazing youth, parents, leaders, volunteers, those who willingly gave of their funds to support the filming, Port of Subs on the Boulevard, Bill Swensen with the City of St. George, service recipients, cooler and umbrella donors, my amazing husband and family, and all others who helped me get through this and make it as wonderful as it is!  I love you!  HUGS!