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Build Your Kit – 3

“Families that prepare together, stay safe together! And let’s face it, they stay a little more sane together too! You’re like, “I know!”  I know!” – Emergency Elle

Week 3


Items to add: 

1 bottle of water
1 food item
1 stainless steel cup
$1.00 cash


Build Your Kit – 2

“A 72-hour kit that is built little by little is better than one never built, if you  know what I mean!”  -Emergency Elle

Week 2


Items to add:

1 bottle of water
1 food item
1 whistle with neck cord
1 days worth of your personal prescription medication (if applicable)
$1.00 cash

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Build Your Kit – 1

You’re like, “Aaack! I want to have my 72-hour kit BUT I can’t do it all at once!”  I know!  Emergency Elle here and I am going to guide you, step by step, week by week, so you can build your super powers – well, ya know, that beautiful 72-hour kit*!  So, let’s get going ….



Items to add:

(Backpackiconicon or other container)
1 – Water Bottle
1 – Food Item
1 – Emergency Blanketicon (reflective)
$1.00 (cash in baggie)

*Each person in your household should have a 72-hour kit. Some items on the list – you may need one for each member of your household (food, clothing, blankets, etc).  Other items on your kit list – you may decide you only need one for your entire household (shovel, ax, radio, etc).  It is important you determine your needs (size of household, your climate, etc) and add to your kit accordingly.


Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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